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Asrai’s Books

Second Chance Romance Up in Flames Book 1

Kip Turner and Mandy Green

Details on where to buy and more are at: Second Chance Romance

Summer Fling Up in Flames Book 2

Kyle McLachlan and Serena Miller

Details on where to buy and more are at: Summer Fling

Complications over Coffee Up In Flames Book 3

Corery Porter and Nicole Clark

Where to buy and excerpts and author notes: Complications over Coffee

Where the Path Leads Up In Flames Short

Mandy& Kip, Ky & Serena, Corey & Nicole.

Where to buy and how the story was written (and why Complicatons over Coffee ended the way it did): Where the Path Leads

Love Can’t Wait Up In Flames Book 4

Amy Black and Scott Jones


When Love Knocks Up In Flames  Book 5

Sophia Clark and Doug Black


Love by Design Up in Flames Book 6

Adam Johnson and Libby Theron


Unexpected Romance Up in Flames Book 7

Tonya Foster (Corey’s little sister) and Chris Boyd


Can’t Run From Love Up in Flames Book 8

Liz and Darren

Unsuited Up in Flames Book 9

Ryan and Monica (Darren’s ex from Can’t Run From Love)

Love is Worth the Wait Up in Flames Book 10

Maria and Eric

Stand Alones

Where She Belongs

Gabriel Brande and Shanna Whittikar

Shanna has almost perfect life in Toronto. She has a great job working with her perfect boyfriend and a five year plan to make it even better. Until she’s called home because her dad had a heart attack. She comes face to face with her long-distance best friend, and long-time crush, Gabriel.

Gabe has loved Shanna since forever. He’s certain he missed his opportunity with her five years ago when he turned her down. But when she comes to run her father’s company with him for a few weeks while her father recovers, he believes maybe he has a second chance.

Can Gabe convince Shanna that she is meant to stay with him and run her father’s company? Or will the lure of the big city and her boyfriend’s name keep her away?

Love in The Wild

Aubrey “Bree” Diamond Thomas and Sam Hammond

Bree needs space from her hectic life as a pop star. Being stranded in the Canadian wilderness is a little more space than necessary. Lucky for her she finds a quaint B&B to relax at. She is astonished when she connects with the young son of her temporary accommodations. She’s even more stunned when she connects with his single dad. She’s only been there two days! She can’t turn her world upside down for a man and his son she’s known for less than a week. Can she?

Good Sisters Share

Ava and Justin and Cassie

Ava Greenwood is worried about her sister’s marriage, there are more fighting noises and less happy noises coming down the hall. Ava is convinced this is the answer to all everyone’s problems, including her own frustration with finding a decent partner.
Justin loves his wife and children. His sister-in-law has offered to relieve his tension, but that’s a terrible idea. Right?

It Was Always You

Selene and Ben

Ben and Selene’s relationship is complicated. Related by marriage, family by choice and luck. They were more than friends, but less than lovers.

Selene was everything pure and good in the world. She was love and light. She was his best friend, his only friend. She was the one woman he couldn’t have. So he kept his distance from her, but now he needed her.

When Ben showed up in her life again, Selene was hit with feelings she wasn’t supposed to have. She wanted to memorize the angles of his face, travel the length of his body with her hands, get drunk with lust on his taste again. She wanted to do so many things with him that weren’t allowed.

Now she’s working for him and living with him. Can they keep their feelings hidden from each other? Or is their love too strong to resist?

Don’t Count Out Love

Nell and Josh

Nell Langley needs a job so bad she’ll take one from the big, bad wolf. Josh Sharpe doesn’t look like a wolf, but she’s dealt a predator before. And she is not sleeping with anyone she works for ever again. EVER AGAIN.

Josh doesn’t accept no easily. Not when he knows the woman saying it doesn’t mean it. Not when she submits so easily to his commands. Not when she’s the only one he can trust in the office.



  1. Loved “Second Chance Romance”…got it free from Amazon. I am a sucker for second time around romances!! It’s a great book!! Did you ever think of writing Corey’s book?? Would love to read it & catch up with Kip & Mandy and their family…..oh yeah, and I LOVE hockey!! 🙂

  2. Sorry, didn’t know you already did!! Wasn’t two minutes after I posted this that I bought your other two books & downloaded your short story off of Smashwords!!

    • Do you have a favorite hockey team?
      I’m a converted Flames fan (used to be Leafs but when in Alberta …).

      Oh yes, Corey had to have his due. There is an update on the first three coming in a short story and one more full-length novel with Doug. If you haven’t sign up for my newsletter which will keep up-to-date on new releases.

      Thanks for downloading my novels and taking the time to comment here.

  3. Oh love Second chance!! Thanks so much

  4. Hi!
    I really enjoyed this book and will now be seeking out your others but a request- please do an edit of this book. There are a Heap of spelling and naming errors and it really affects the reading enjoyment and gives it an unprofessional air.
    Having said that, you have gift with the written word and I enjoyed reading a romance that was modern!

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  7. I agree completely with Jayne. Most of the errors I noticed were the type that a spell-checker would miss (there/they’re, etc.). But, the read was terrific. I couldn’t stop until the very end. A real novel, just including necessary sex. The story-line was not a pretense for the sex. The story would have been complete without any of the sex. However, it was so much better because of the sex. I would have had some of the sex scenes go a lot slower, with a lot more detail, just because I’m a sucker for nice, slow, romantic sex that takes it’s own time arriving at that final few frantic moments’ rush to ecstasy. The final big O is so much better, and more fulfilling because of the slow build-up. But, that’s just me.

  8. I love the series the book were great, I wish they would be more of then, the story of dough and Sophia left me wanting to know more… I try looking for where the path leads but is not available on amazon

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  11. I’m waiting for a follow Second a hence Romance. I loved that book end want to know more about Kip and Mandy did they stay together, have more kids are they in love as much as ever hope so. So much more could be written in another book on them did their new family.

  • Why is book 5 when love comes knocking invaluable?

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